Lifescience Industry Magazine: Double Page Centre Advertisement

£2500.00 - £2125.00 plus VAT

Double page centre advert dimensions:
Bleed 303mm x 216mm
Trim 297mm x 210mm
Type 260mm x 186mm

All DPS adverts must be supplied as 2 single PDF files, left and right hand pages.



We require the advert to be saved as a Press-Quality PDF

Ensure all pictures/logos are high resolution and CMYK format

All fonts must be embedded

It is important to leave at least a 10mm text/image clearance on both left and right hand edges of an advert in order to ensure that those edges are not lost into the spine or cropped during binding. UK Lifescience Industry cannot accept responsibility if adverts are not supplied with the correct clearance.

UK Lifescience Industry has a highly experienced graphics department which offers an advertising design service. Competitive rates are available for advert design, commensurate with the
level of creativity required to meet your advertising expectations. You will need to provide images, a logo, and text.